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55-Year-Old Buick Logo Gets an Elegant Update

The 55-year-old Buick logo is getting a vintage facelift starting with the 2017 LaCrosse. The new – or, rather, old – insignia will be a return to the classic look of one of the world’s most classic car companies. All Buick models will be sporting the new look by 2018, so the 2017 LaCrosse won’t be lonely long.

55-year-old Buick logoThe 55-year-old Buick logo is one of the most widely-recognized corporate symbols in the modern world. As legend has it, the tri-color (red, silver, and blue) shield crest was developed in the 1930s based on a description of the Buick family ancestral coat of arms found in an 80-year-old book. Sounds like the start of a bad Indiana Jones film, or at the very least a bad treasure-hunt kid’s movie, but it’s really just Buick’s logo history.

Buick has been experiencing a widespread return-to-greatness these past few years, and soon there will be a bold, elegant symbol of proof of this on every Buick.

GMC Reveals the Beautiful 2017 Canyon Denali

The Denali line of GMC vehicles has always set the standard for professional-grade utility and luxury. The new  2017 Canyon Denali, introduced in mid-November, promises to keep up the trend.

The 2017 Canyon Denali will be GMC’s first luxury midsize truck and will share style-cues with the rest of the Denali family, like the all-chrome grille and 20-inch ultra-bright-machined aluminum wheels. The Canyon Denali is set to come in six exterior color options, all featuring a Jet Black interior with Mulan leather-appointed seats, a heated steering wheel, full-color infotainment console, and automatic climate control, among other luxurious features.

The Denali line gets its name from Mount Denali, the highest point in North America. As its elegant title indicates, the beautiful 2017 Canyon Denali will sit at the utmost reaches of modern day pickup engineering, design, and performance. We can’t wait to see these babies on the road in late 2016!

Five Excellent Drinks to Make During the Fall Season

There’s nothing like a nice warm drink on a crisp fall day. However, a nice cool glass of something before winter arrives is nice as well. Autumn is simply the best time for these five drinks you can make at home for fall:

Five Excellent Drinks to Make During the Fall Season

  1. Apple Cider – Serve it hot. Serve it cold. No matter how you decide to serve it, Apple Cider is the perfect drink to have during the fall.
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte – You might feel a little basic drinking it. However, there’s a reason this drink is so popular, and that is thanks to the delicious spices that make it possible.
  3. Cranberry Martini – With just the right amount of tart flavor, this Martini recipe is sure to make a splash.
  4. Mulled Wine – With a little more flavoring than your average wine, you can treat yourself to a festive drink that is sure to awaken your palate.
  5. Eggnog – So it might be a little early, but everyone could go for a good glass of Eggnog no matter what season it is!

Do you have a favorite Fall drink? We’d love to hear what concoction you make every Fall time in the comments below!

Buick Connects to Books through OnStar 4G LTE Technology

Book lovers, rejoice! Thanks to some truly innovative technologies and features, Buick has allowed the love of books to be safely taken on the road.

According to a Buick press release, Buick offers connection to books through OnStar 4G LTE technology.

There is no way to read and drive at the same time. However, with OnStar 4G LTE technology, drivers can listen to their favorite audio books on the go.

Buick Enclave lets you connect to your audio books through OnStar 4G LTEOnStar can connect to services like, which carries a wide range of popular titles on audio tapes. Additionally, through the end of the year, will offer drivers two free audio book downloads.

“Using connectivity to offer new value and services demonstrates our innovative approach to customer service,” said Duncan Aldred, global vice president of Buick Sales, Service and Marketing. “The features delivered through our 4G LTE connectivity platform have the potential to make every drive more productive or entertaining. This is not technology just for technology’s sake.”

So take a look, or rather listen, and discover what Buick can offer you.

GM Unfazed By Extra Tests Following Volkswagen Diesel Scandal

Volkswagen isn’t the only one to feel the effects of the diesel emissions scandal. Though no other automaker than VW has been caught cheating, investigations have shown that emissions testing simply does not reflect real-world numbers, and future diesel vehicles will have to work harder to pass the EPA’s stricter and more suspicious examinations.

The first engine to undergo extra scrutiny is the 2.8-liter, four-cylinder Duramax that powers the 2016 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado. Instead of just testing it in the lab, the EPA and California Air Resources Board will also check it on the road.

Volkswagen diesel scandal not affecting the GMC CanyonBut the Detroit-based automakers are unfazed. They called the 181-horsepower engine “the cleanest diesel truck engine ever produced by General Motors,” and pointed out that on-road and off-road laboratory testing was part of their development process already.

So for anyone who might have worried about the upcoming 2016 Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon following the Volkswagen diesel scandal, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to worry—it won’t even delay their launch. Expect them this fall at Penske Buick GMC!

All-New 2016 Buick Cascada is Buick’s First US Convertible in 25 Years!

It’s been a long time coming and we feel as though we’ve waited for half an eternity at Penske Buick GMC, but it’s finally almost here: the all-new 2016 Buick Cascada. It’ll go on sale early next year for a competitive $33,990, becoming the first convertible Buick offers in the United States in 25 years!

The Cascada is derived from the model of the same name already offered in Europe under the Opel badge, one of the sleekest-looking droptops ever designed. Buick notes that it costs nearly $4,000 less than an Audi A3 convertible while delivering more power, features, and refinement.

2016 Buick Cascada first convertible Buick in 25 yearsFor example, it packs 30 more horsepower, comes with standard navigation and heated front seats, as well as eight-way power seats instead of the A3’s four-way. It also features 20-inch wheels instead of 17-inch. Additionally, the Cascada offers a heated steering wheel. Even the Cascada Premium, which adds high-end amenities like rain-sensing wipers, active safety technology, and front and rear park assist, is still more affordable than the A3!

38th Walktoberfest sponsored by Penske Buick GMC

The 38th Annual Walktoberfest & Walk for the Animals was once again a big success! Still the oldest and largest animal welfare even in the area, thousands of people gathered once again to show their support for all our furry friends.

Not only was there a walk to support the animals, but many vendors came out to show their support and promote the responsible owneship of that four-legged pal that you vowed to care for. There was even live music for those who just felt like dancing too!

Geoff Penske Buick GMC was and is proud to be such a big part of such a special event, and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

Check out some of the photos from the event and make sure to check out the community involvement page on our website to stay in the loop with where we will be hanging out next!38th Walktoberfest hosted by Penske Buick GMC 38th Walktoberfest hosted by Penske Buick GMC 38th Walktoberfest hosted by Penske Buick GMC 38th Walktoberfest hosted by Penske Buick GMC 38th Walktoberfest hosted by Penske Buick GMC 38th Walktoberfest hosted by Penske Buick GMC

Storm-Ready Vehicles from Buick

With Tropical Storm Erika heading for the southeast coast, Buick has a message for drivers. If you’re worried about your car’s ability to hold up in the storm, there’s still time to trade in for one of the storm-ready vehicles from Buick that will give you peace of mind in the nasty weather.

Buick vehicles are equipped with a number of technologies that make getting around in bad weather much easier and safer. For one, all-wheel drive, is available in several models, and this gives you more control over your wheels.

storm-ready vehicles from BuickThere’s also StabiliTrak, which is an electronic stability control system which helps you control your car on slippery roads, and IntelliLink with available OnStar 4G LTE. With this you not only have the ability to make hands-free calls and use apps, you also have access to weather updates and emergency services, as well as traffic and road conditions.

Coastal dwellers especially would be smart to check out the Buick lineup. You can’t find a brand that’s more efficient when it comes to storm safety!

Chile Pepper Food Festival

The Chile Pepper Food Festival, held annually at Bill Delong Park in Bowers, Pennsylvania, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year! The festival will be held this weekend, September 11-12, from 9am to 6pm both days.

The Chile Pepper fest is a truly unique event, celebrating the pepper in its many forms, from mild bell peppers to the killer ghost pepper. Events featured at the festival include a Salsa Contest, where participants will be judged on their salsa dishes, a jalapeno eating contest (not for the faint of heart), and live music by The Acoustic Roadshow.

You can also go on the field excursion, which is a great opportunity to pick a huge variety of peppers. You won’t get many opportunities like this! If you love peppers or spicy food in general, it’s definitely worth the entrance fee, which is just a suggested donation.

And what would a food festival be without all kinds of delicious treats? You can get tons of exciting pepper recipes here, like Smoked Crabby Pepper Poppers and chocolate habanero sauces. So make sure the Chile Pepper Festival is on your weekend agenda!

Buick eAssist Technology: The Future of Efficiency

You’ve probably seen the word “eAssist” on Buick products if you’ve been car shopping recently, but do you know what it is? This complex system is integrated into your car to provide the best possible fuel economy, optimizing everything from electricity to fuel mixture.

Buick notes three major things Buick eAssist technology provides: Start-Stop technology, battery-power, and refinement. Start-Stop technology eliminates unnecessary idling by shutting off the engine in traffic, at red lights, and other static positions. By quickly starting again, you won’t even notice the system is working – except the fact that you’ll be visiting the gas pump less.

Buick Enclave Buick eAssist Technology: The Future of EfficiencyThe Buick eAssist technology also works with the latest hybrid systems, using battery power to charge, and run a small electric motor. Not only does this system assist the engine, but it also uses the energy created by the brakes and converts it into battery power.

Finally, refinement means there is no wasted energy. From better aerodynamics to reduced friction and weight, Buick makes your car more efficient than ever.